Agenda21 is something that everyone NEEDS to know more about; it is a long term plan to adopt a global government (New World Order). This "agenda" is nothing new and in fact has already been widely adopted and implemented within many communities, social structures and at a global level (meaning ALL Countries, that means yours).

 Whilst many fundamental ideas such as peace, no poverty, a 'sustainable' future including clean air, water and lands are things that every person wants for the future, the fine print is lengthy and coated UN jargon (doublespeak). Before you jump on the band wagon crying out for the "Green, Sustainable" future outlined by Agenda21 and accompanying documents, policies, laws, institutions etc. first learn about what the United Nations version of what YOUR green sustainable future will look like. Become aware of the true meaning behind words like sustainable, rewilding, urbanization, smart grid/city/appliance, Chinese living & shop top living, future development.

Browse this playlist to learn more and form your own opinion; it will allow you to read the fine print with a clearer vision of what it all actually means; it will also empower you to take an active role in your local community by informing others, partaking in local meetings relating to SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) etc.

We also highly recommend watching the videos contained on the BIG PICTURE playlist as Agenda21 is only part of the puzzle that our world is comprised of.

For a list of documents that are attached to Agenda2030 view A Guide to Agenda 2030 (Part 1: Resources)

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